OPI Austin-tatious Turquoise + Spoiled Pet My Peacock


So, here are my short nails. And, Day 2 of IBD Reconstrux! I have been using it 3x a day since I wash my hands so much! 🙁 I am hoping my nails are long in no time! Here’s the story behind this, if you want to know! IBD Reconstrux is a small “vial” of oils that help strengthen and help your nails grow. It smells really nice (a little like a subtle perfume) and also includes a brush to make it easier to apply. The directions suggest to apply it every morning and before you go to bed, but they specially say that if your hands are always in water (like mine) then you should apply more often, so let’s hope that the water factor doesn’t affect my nails’ growth. We shall find out! 🙂

I used Austin-tatious Turquoise, a shimmer teal. I was so excited that it was named after the city I love – Austin – where I lived for a very long time until I got married! AND that it was my favorite color – teal! I mean, they pretty much made it all about 2 things I love! 🙂 Austin-tatious Turquoise is pretty much the cousin of OPI Fly, a teal creme. I used 4 coats. It’s extremely sheer, so in order to reach bottle color, you’re going to need all of those coats!

Pet my Peacock is a clear base with silver, teal, and blue LARGE round glitter swimming in it. As I’ve said before on Spoiled Trust Fund Baby, the brush is extremely large and the formula is thick. In order to not smear the base coat (which was Austin-tatious Turquoise, in this case), you have to allow it to dry really well! Put a 2nd coat after the glitter has dried. And, let it dry for a good minute (20 minutes, unfortunately, since the formula is just so thick!) and you’re good to go.


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