Broke a Nail!


*Sigh* I broke a nail yesterday on my middle finger on my left hand… A.K.A. my swatch hand! I was taking my son’s carseat out to put it into the stroller (we have a traveling system) and I heard a snap, and a short second later, a little pain, and then I winced knowing that it was my left hand. “Blah!” I thought to myself, “That’s my swatching hand!” So, obviously I spent all morning cutting my nails, buffing, applying Yello-Out, which I bought from Sally’s Beauty Supply to remove stains and yellow-coloring from my nails. I have removed most of it by buffing, cutting my nails, and applying this stuff. So, my nails are now all the way to the skin, which makes for a very unattractive swatch hand. I have a tip that I learned in Science in Elementary school, which I have been abiding by since then! To have long nails, tap them on a hard surface, such as a wooden table, etc. and the nerves in your fingernails will then be stimulated and they will grow! I must tell you, it really works! I have been doing this for years and years! I also heard if you eat healthy food it helps, too! So does pregnancy, but that’s not suggested! 🙂 Also, I have another product that a blogger friend, 365 Days of Color – Sanaz, suggested for growing nails, and that is called IBD Reconstrux, so I have started using that today, so I will share with you how that is working on a daily basis underneath each blog post! So, let’s see how that goes!

How do most of you react when a nail breaks? Does it make you feel MORE of a girly girl? And, how do you get them to grow faster?


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