China Glaze Ring in the Red


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From the 2011 Winter Collection, I found this baby at Sally’s Beauty Supply for only $1.99 after the Holidays! Even my husband (who doesn’t like red nails just like me) was like “Wow, great deal!”

For me, red nails are boring even though they are supposed to make your hands look sophisticated and gorgeous, I still like trying out colors from other spectrums of the rainbow and beyond (as you may have noticed – this is my FIRST red polish swatch for you! And, I do have more red polishes, which of course, I will eventually share with you!) My grandmothers ALWAYS had red manicures or even plum, maroon nail colors, and I always found it pretty, but I always wanted to experiment with “crazy” colors! This one was similar (and MAYBE identical) to one I had before – Milani Ruby Jewels (and loved), but it dried out, so I was happy to see this one, and I instantly bought it. One of these days, I will see if I can get a comparison of the two. It reminds me of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers (from Wizard of Oz), and I was obsessed with them! I always wanted ANYTHING that shimmery and shiny in red, and there you have it – I found it and was so, so, so pleased! It may also be a dupe to China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but I do not own that one, so I can’t do a comp for you. Sorry! 🙁 Anyways, Ring in the Red is spectacular in the sun!

What’s also nice about this polish is it’s made for layering AND/OR wearing on its own. P.S. PLEASE WEAR A BASE COAT! THIS BABY STAINS BADLY!!!! In one coat, it sits in a clear red polish with red glitter in different sizes. I did  3 – 4 coats to make it opaque and match the bottle color. I love it! It’s one red I really enjoy!


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