Introducing the NEW Trellis Slant Tweezer…

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Tweezerman is proud to introduce their NEW Trellis Slant Tweezers, “conjuring the exotica of Moroccan architecture”. These beautiful trellis-patterned tweezers come in sky blue, neon pink, and bright green. These are sure to be found in all fashionistas’ travel-bags, makeup bags, and purses for a quick and easy eyebrow tweeze.

The Trellis Slant Tweezer is a global award winner and its precise tip makes it easy to grab those stray unattractive eyebrow hairs. As compared to the general tweezers, the tip is hand-filed and sharp enough to grab ahold of each and every hair making it easy to clean up where you need it. The eye-catching design makes it fun and cute to add to your cosmetics bag, as it is a design that has been seen showing up in all sorts of giftware lately! I like this design as it is really classy!

It also comes packaged in an adorable box stamped with its awesome Allure “Best of Beauty” 2011 award!

The one (and ONLY) thing that made me hesitate was the price. You can find these for $25.00 each at Sephora. Although it makes for an easier experience, $25.00 for tweezers is a little expensive for my taste.

* These products were provided to me by Tweezerman. All opinions are honest and my own. *

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