Zoya Surf Collection.


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Warning: Picture Heavy!

I have to say that these metallics were MY favorite. They are gorgeous and require less coats than the Beach collection (Cremes).

Carly: This is a gorgeous red-toned purple metallic foil. I personally was quite pleased that this color was not similar to Dannii or Yasmeen because I was afraid it might be. It was spectacular! I didn’t think I’d like this one much, but I did! What made me even happier was the fact that it only needed 1 coat, and it was perfectly bottle color! Awesome!!

Kimber: This was a magenta/fuchsia metallic foil that I thought I was going to fall head over heels in love with. Did I? Yes, I did. It was gorgeous! The buttery application of the entire Surf Collection made me swoon! This Surfer babe required only 2 coats. The formula was rich and creamy and applied amazingly.

Rory: First off, I loved Gilmore Girls and I was in love with this name. I really was hoping that if I had a little girl, I would name her Rory, so I was excited to see that Rory was a cute metallic pink. Such a hot surfer babe! Rory also required 2 coats of the buttery formula, and she was just right! Isn’t she just so cute??

Myrta: This burnt orange metallic foil reminded me of the sun and a sparkling orange soda (Funny! Arizona from the Beach Collection reminded me of the same except that it had a dollop of vanilla ice cream softening the orange!) This orange is a sparkler. I didn’t think I’d like this one, but I was definitely surprised by its gorgeousness! It took 3 coats to make this baby shine because it was just a tad bit sheer and I just wanted it to show its true beauty.

Meg: A fabulous spring green metallic. I can’t say it excited me much. I have tons of greens and nothing like this one, but it still was a little lackluster in terms of being something I was crazy about. It’s still pretty, I must say! I used only 2 coats of the butter-rich formula to get the perfect application and to achieve bottle color. She’s pretty, all right!

Zuza: The STAR of the Surf Collection. She’s a surfer babe for sure! Zuza is a stunner – a seafoam metallic foil! Never seen anything like it! So, so beautiful. Definitely my favorite! Took 2 coats of richness to reach the glamourous color of seafoam! Wowza, right??

All in all, my favorite in the collection was definitely Zuza. I really loved Rory and Carly, as well. They were too beautiful to deny! The fact that these required such minimal coats was something that makes me think I’ll be reaching for them more than I know! These colors are perfect for a summer day/evening out, and I just can’t wait to mix them up with the Beach collection and my others and use them together!


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