Color Club Electro Candy Collection


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Warning: Picture AND Text heavy! 😉

Neons always remind me of things like fun-loving, sunshine, warmth, and fluroscent lights! The Electro Candy Collection (Summer 2009) is no exception and does not disappoint.

The colors have really cute names: Volt of Light, What a Shock, Electro Candy (same as the collection name), Tangerine Scream, Ultra Violet, and Pure Energy

Let’s start with Volt of Light. This neon yellow reminded me of the piles of notes I used to highlight with this color. I wasn’t too sure about this color on my nails, and I sure didn’t want it to look like I had taken a highlighter to them! I was surprised (pleasantly so) that it didn’t look so bad, after all. The formula ran a little thin and sheer, but the 3 coats I used made it look as gorgeous as the bottle color. Subtle shimmer.

What a Shock definitely was a shocker! A gorg neon green made my nails as spectacular as the Incredible Hulk. I am definitely going to use Julep Sofia on this baby to make it glow in the dark! The formula was thin and sheer, and it dried semi-matte. Subtle shimmer.

Electro Candy (the collection title polish) was definitely not the star of the collection because it was a dulled down neon pink. I’ve seen brighter, FOR SURE. It went on smoothly like the rest of the collection and is also thin and sheer, and also appeared to dry semi-matte. Has a subtle shimmer, as well!

Tangerine Scream is my personal favorite. A gorgeous neon coral/orange. It’s just a stunner! Tangerines are also quite in this season, so I’m going to be placing at the top of my “To-wear this Season” list. The interesting thing was that it looked shimmery on the nails to me; although, I do not see it in the bottle. Surprisingly, that might make a shimmer-lover scream! 🙂

Ultra Violet – That was such a cutesy name to me. I guess I’m just easily amused. Ha. It’s definitely ONE of my favorites in this collection. It’s a gorgeous subtle neon purple with blue shimmer throughout. In the sunlight, it’s one heck of a sparkler. It, however, was the most stubborn of the 6. It needed FOUR coats for full opacity and was also as sheer as the rest.

Pure Energy is a neon blue that wasn’t as neon as I would have hoped. I like the name because this blue definitely gives you just that – pure energy. It is definitely bright, but I wouldn’t label it neon. It had the thickest formula of all and was not as sheer. It took 3 coats and also had subtle shimmer. It is a beauty, that’s for sure!

My top favorite is Tangerine Scream. After that, I really like What a Shock, Ultra Violet, and Pure Energy! Gorgeous must-haves! Which ones do you like??


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