Spoiled Trust Fund Baby + Luxe and Lush (Alternate Fingers!)

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So, I had gone to pick up my contacts from the eye doctor and after I left (early at that!) I was a little bored and decided to go to the CVS that was right next door. They were practically yelling my name! So, I’ve heard about the brand Spoiled, but I didn’t own any (until a few minutes later! It didn’t take long!) I got two glitters (one will make its debut separately because Trust Fund Baby is just too cute and needs its own page!). Trust Fund Baby is a spectacle of large round and (what appears to be… Hey! What do you want from me? I just got my contacts! *Giggle*) square and hexagonal glitter in blue, pink, gold, and silver. Beautiful! It looked awesome in the bottle and I was hoping it would turn opaque but I don’t think so (after 3 coats on top of black). The brush was so thick, I actually gasped when I opened the top and got ready to paint my nails. The glitter, however, wasn’t hard to place.


I alternated Luxe and Lush (because I am a nice blogger, and I promised you all that!) over Sally Hansen Black Out, and I change my opinion about Luxe and Lush. I shouldn’t have put it over white in the first place (see here for that) and it GLOWS. I fell in love. It looked like dancing flames on my fingertips, and I can see why it is part of the Hunger Games Collection (Yes, I started to read it! J) I put about 2 coats of Luxe and Lush. It’s pretty generous, if you ask me, the way it sticks to the brush and applies.

Here’s a blurry picture, which shows the beautiful shine of this (alternating) combination! *LOVE* (Please feel free to click on it to see the enlarged version! I don’t want to be too picture heavy!)

 Current favorite/want/need: Usually, my to-go blush is a cream blush by Clinique called “Rosy Blush” that is in a case that looks like a very chubby lipstick. So, let’s get to talkin’ about my current favorite, shall we?

I love this stuff to pieces and it works well because it stays on for a long time! And, it’s very easy to apply and blend in to the skin.  I have a bronze eyeshadow that I put on top. Just a dash to add a little coloring AND this cream blush acts as a primer. It’s got a great creamy LIGHT texture that just melts in but keeps the color on the apple of your cheeks. It’s available for purchase on Amazon, Macy’s, Dillards, just about anywhere you can find Clinique products! So, go get it! Here’s what it looks like. Forgive how gross it looks, I smushed it by accident when I pushed it up too high and the lid crushed it. Oh, well. It still works! 🙂
And, here is what it looks on me (and I’m an almost olive skintone):
See how nicely that blends in?

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