Sation Starlight Covers


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I won this beauty from a fellow blogger friend of mine, Funky Frenchies. She’s awesome and so is her blog! 🙂 Sation Starlight Covers is a super duper gorgeous red packed with heavy glitter. I was floored when I opened my package and saw two beauties (the other one deserves its own post!). Seriously, nothing like glitters!! Take a look at this beauty close-up!

Isn’t that beyond spectacular? It’s a clear red almost-jelly with tons and tons of beautiful glitter. When you look at the bottle, it almost looks like teeny tiny red, pink, and silver beads. I absolutely loved this formula, and I have never heard of this brand before, but now that I have, I think I would *LOVE* some more of these! I am definitely going to go on the hunt for Sations! The two I won are gorgeous!! The brush is fabulous! It is *ALMOST* better than OPI’s brush! Now, that is really, really fabulous! Took one swipe and NO clean-up! I did 2 coats because it was pretty opaque by then. I took one look at it in the sunlight and it glows! Take a look:

If you have any Sations, which one do you like best? And, do you think you’ll go on the hunt for these babies?


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