Julep Elizabeth


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A midnight blue with extremely subtle silver shimmer.

Julep makes awesome nail polishes. So, go figure they are $14 a pop OR if you get the Julep box every month, a hot $19.99 for a variety of great items. You can get your intro box for 1 CENT! Yes, I said 1 CENT! 🙂 Just go to Julep.com, take the survey, and pick a box and enter in SHAREONMARCH at checkout. I guarantee you will become a monthly member ESPECIALLY if you adore nail polishes (and quality!), so check that out and give it a try. You are practically getting a variety of great products for freeeeee!

Let’s talk about this polish. This was in their February Oscar-themed box. It applied like butter, and I almost (ALMOST!) left it at 1 coat because the formula is SUPER-SATURATED and was almost like ink. Kind of reminded me of an octopus’ ink (in a good way, of course!) and I hesitantly applied one more coat. I most definitely will not next time because 1 coat is perfect and a second coat did NOTHING. So, that’s that. The brush is great. Let me tell you HOW great: I had a bouncy baby boy bouncing away (yes, I applied this in bed, and no, that’s usually NOT okay, but I had to!) and I still managed to paint this perfectly without having to do any cleanup. Take that! So, of course, you know you have to get this beautiful midnight blue!

NOT a good picture, but just wanted you to see the real color!

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