Julep Helena with Julep Anne Tips


Have you entered my GIVEAWAY today??

To create this nail “art”, I used Juleps Helena (an ultra-saturated fuchsia) and Anne (an ultra-saturated violet). To say the least, this was really a pretty combination. Helena is definitely the dupe of Sinful Colors Dream On, and I know this because I have it on my piggies. J But, it was still on my must-have list, and I was lucky enough to get it in my St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box(es). Anne, which was also on my must-have list also came to me in the box. You could say I found gold at the end of the rainbow! 😉 Helena was smooth, but I made a silly mistake. Since the weather here is HOT, I had the A/C running.

RED HOT TIP: NEVER paint your nails with ANY sort of breeze going because it WILL dry out your bottle of liquid goodness and dry it faster and make it look chunky on your nails because it will dry as it is being applied! Yuck!

Anne was lovely. I heard it was named after Anne Hathaway, and I think when I use this polish, I do think of her, for some odd reason. The color is friendly and bubbly just like her! J

These are must-haves, and I love them!

Oh, and I topped it off with Essie As Gold As it Gets, a flaky-ish gold glitter nail polish. So GORG! Thanks, Birchbox for the full-size goodie! 🙂

Current favorite/want/need: I *absolutely adore* the Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub! I used to use the travel-size Apricot Scrub as my hand scrub (yes, and it worked!), but I like the formula and scent of the Julep scrub! If you don’t have it, go out and get it! NOW!


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