Julep “St. Patrick’s Day” Mystery Box(es)


Have you entered my GIVEAWAY today??

Guilty of getting 2, actually. My husband got one for me, actually, knowing how much I love these things. MY box was actually the BIG winner, winner, chicken dinner! Definitely worth (over) $200. I can’t say I feel guilty for having spent $19.99!

And here’s what was in the “big” box (colors are listed in order from left to right, in case you were wondering!):

Julep Exclusive Makeup Bag: (Previously $18.00) $14.99
(The lip gloss and cuticle oil was in there, so don’t forget to check for more goodies!!)

Cuticle Oil: $18.00

Crystal Nail File: $6.00

Julep Top Coat: $14.00
Leah (grassy green) : $14.00
Blake (creme yellow): $14.00
Melissa (sheer opalescent): $14.00
Helena (ultra-saturated fuchsia): $14.00
Anne (ultra-saturated violet): $14.00
Sofia (Sheer spring green with a flash of aqua sparkle glitter): $14.00

Glycolic Hand Scrub: $32.00

Julep Nail Appliques – Rivets: $14.00

Julep Pout Plumping Lip Gloss (Neutral, rosy-brown with pink pearl) in Arousal – $18.00

Hand Cream SPF 30: $28.00

GRAND TOTAL of $228.99

On to the next box:

In this box was:

Charlotte (demur lavender): $14.00
Base Coat: $14.00
Sofia (Sheer spring green with a flash of aqua sparkle glitter): $14.00
Rachel (Copper Foil):  $14.00

Sampler Glycolic Hand Scrub: ?

Sampler Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener: ?

Grand Total: $62 + ? + ? = A little more than $62! I guess I got lucky here and it was a medium-sized box?

I already tried the hand scrub (sampler) and the hand brightener (sampler) AND I love it! It smells lemony fresh and the hand scrub really feels great and I can tell it exfoliates well! The hand brightener also has the same lemony fresh scent, and it is NOT greasy, which is HUGELY important to me in a hand cream. I am really glad I got a full-sized hand scrub, as well, and I wish I got a full-sized hand brightener, as well, but it is what it is! 🙂


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