OPI Pink Friday with Revlon Popular (Accent Nail)


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OPI Pink Friday is a pastel bubblegum pink from the Nicki Minaj Collection that came out in January 2012. It was initially the ONLY one I wanted from that collection, but I have Fly and Save Me, as well, now. It totally reminds me of those big squares of bubblegum I used to enjoy chewing until my jaw was tired..

Pink Friday is streaky at 1 coat, but if you add 1 or 2 more coats, it evens up. One thing that was strange was that it dried one shade lighter than the bottle color, but if you add a top coat, it brightens back up. The brush is awesome as all OPI brushes are, but since the formula is streaky and bright/light for my skin tone, I took my time applying it.

Revlon Popular is a sheer milky pink base with dulled silver glitter. It reminded me of OPI’s Crown Me Already except that it is FAR MORE duller than it. There is absolutely no mirror effect to it, thus it being dull. It was really unique to me, and that’s why I picked it up along with Revlon Whimsical and Minted (the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE didn’t hurt either!). When I applied Popular over Pink Friday, I couldn’t help that it was like a tribute to being pink like Barbie and Popular. I don’t know, it just struck me. I know, that probably didn’t make sense. Sorry. 🙂 Applying Popular over Pink Friday made it one shade lighter (with 3 coats of Popular). I think Popular looked great over Pink Friday and I would definitely combine them again! 🙂

What do you think? Which color would you layer Popular over?


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