Zoya Yasmeen

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ZOYA PROMO ALERT!!!!! Zoya is having a Buy 3, Get 3 FREE + Pay Shipping on their site. Go to www.zoya.com and use the promo code: SPRING3 now until March 14 (my 3rd Wedding Anniversary! Yay!).

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY today??

My Ulta doesn’t have that many Zoyas in stock, but this was one that looked awesome in the bottle. It’s a gorgeous eggplant purple with red specks throughout. It didn’t really translate on the nail as I hoped, but it was still pretty!

The formula of Yasmeen was buttery. Just perfect! It applied in ALMOST one swipe, so you know the brush was terrific! The first coat was just one shade lighter than the bottle color, so I did one more to be sure. It still was a little transparent, so I added one more coat, and it reached the bottle color. In the sun, this polish shines. I had a really tough time photographing the true color, but it’s spectacular in person, and if you LOVE purple, this one is a royal beauty!

Current favorite/want/need: I love my Chi Silk Infusion (as low as $11 for 6 oz). I have been using it for years on my hair, and I just love this stuff because it smells so fresh and almost perfumed (a good way to cheat on the day you skipped your hairwashing) and it keeps it silky soft. I always apply it to my wet hair and then dry my hair. And, then I use my Chi hair straightener to get it pin straight. My Chi is about 10 years old and STILL going (and it totally paid for itself because it was about $130 back in the day, now you can grab it for as low as $79.95 – totally worth it)! 🙂


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