Sinful Colors Snow Me White + China Glaze Luxe and Lush


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I had been eyeing China Glaze’s Hunger Games Luxe and Lush as soon as I saw the preview for it. I kind of expected a mind-blowing flakie. But, I think what happened was that China Glaze was just looking forward to putting out a fleck effect polish and they saw an opportunity in the Hunger Games Collection since it is so futuristic and all. 🙂

Snow Me White is a white creme polish. I honestly had high hopes for this one because I’ve always had this certain luck with white cremes. They ALWAYS go on thick, streaky, or runny. This one was runny and streaky. I had to put on very thin coats, but it achieved bottle color within 2 coats, which was a relief! It didn’t do anything for me special because it did not go on smoothly. The brush was great, don’t get me wrong, but it just didn’t apply like a dream 🙁

China Glaze Luxe and Lush. Like I said, it was like any other flakie. In the bottle, it is marvelous! It looks almost like jelly/tapioca with a RAINBOW of colors. On the nails, it was either blue or flame red. Not ugly, for sure, but just like all the other flakes. I was a little disappointed, hate to say. Another thing that this flakie did was hang off the nail. My Finger Paints flake effects do not do that, so I was surprised that it was having such a hard time applying. I did 2 coats of it and it almost did a crater effect with Snow Me White. I will have to try it on another polish and give it a second chance. 🙂

Current favorite/want/need: The Romantique Collection by China Glaze. Enough said. They are metallic foils of different colors. A plethora (Gosh, I love that word), if you will. Oh, and yes, the entire collection is good. 🙂


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