Sally Hansen Celeb City + Milani Gems


*Before I begin, have you checked out my GIVEAWAY?*

As we speak, my nails are sitting there naked. *GASP* I must and I mean, I *MUST* reiterate that you should ALWAYS use base coat. I kind of skipped it a few times (*embarrassed*) and now am facing yucky-looking nails, so please, don’t forget your base coat. Anyways, it’s okay, I have a picture to share of a little project I did using nail polish – my son’s 1st Christmas ornament! 🙂

Celeb City by Sally Hansen is a beautiful silver metallic foil. It can be compared to Zoya Trixie (that’s the dupe). Celeb City is by far much cheaper (around $3) while Zoya Trixie is $8. Celeb City is very smooth formula. Goes on perfectly and doesn’t leave streaks. The brush to it is fabulous, as well, but does not apply in one swipe, but almost does because the Xtreme Wears have great brushes and an easy bottle to hold. I do 3 coats to reach bottle color and it sure is pretty!! If you’re into Zoya Trixie, this is its cheaper equal. 🙂

Milani Gems ($4.99) is the so-called dupe of OPI Rainbow Connection (same as most OPIs $8.50). This glittered beauty is from Milani Jewels FX collection. It has multi-colored glitter in spherical and hexagonal shapes. The colors you can make out from range from gold, blue, green, red, pink to silver. It’s very party-happy to me! 🙂 It was fun to apply, and sat down well instead of not sticking! Good formula. The above picture only has 1 coat of Milani Gems. The picture below shows it over red polish with 3 coats of Milani Gems, which was quite a pain to remove!!

Current favorite/want/need: My current favorite is my shampoo and conditioner set by Fekkai. It smells SO clean! When I used it the first time, even my husband asked me, “What’s that scent? It’s really nice!!” I told him, “I know, right? It smells even better in the steam!” It’s a gloss shampoo and conditioner with olive oil and I was happy to see that it did not cause my hair to get all oily.


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