Battle of the Taupes!


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So, I was looking through my basket of goodies/nail polishes, and I noticed that I had 3 taupes (dark brownish-greys) that looked like dupes, so I decided to try them out and see the similarities and differences. As you can see, they were almost dupes but not quite! 🙂 Some had more brown or grey in the mix than others. (Zoom in to see the labels!)

Let’s start with Essence: Walk of Fame, which is a teeny tiny cutesy bottle from Ulta (for 99 cents!). It’s a gorgeous taupe with a LOT of grey in it compared to the other 2 taupes. I definitely loved the brush, which was flat and the polish applied like butter. One coat was fabulous but I went ahead and applied another coat (my 3-coat snob-self didn’t even feel like applying another one because it was so perfect and buttery. I am definitely planning on trying more from this brand!

OPI Over the Taupe: The brush on this OPI never gets old. I mean, it’s just beautiful because it applies in one stroke like most OPIs do. This was a 2-coater, but it also chipped really fast even with Seche Vite, so I could have applied one more coat, like I usually do. It’s the perfect taupe with just a little brown and a little grey. Beautiful color. I always get compliments whenever I wear this color!

Sinful Colors Nirvana: This polish also applied almost butter-like, but not at all as beautifully as Essence did. I liked this one a lot because it had a little more brown in the blend, as you can see in the picture. It’s definitely the darkest of the 3. I loved it, and I will definitely be enjoying it. I’m also glad that I didn’t really find the dupe to OPI Over the Taupe, which is the one I had first! Hehe, greedy me! I like taupes, so that’s why I had chosen 2 more and didn’t even realize how similar it was the OPI Over the Taupe.

What do you think? Could these be considered dupes? Which one do you like best?

Current favorite/want/need: I need Crown Me Already by OPI. It was part of the Miss Universe Limited Edition. I actually JUST ordered it, so look forward to seeing a swatch for it soon. It’s full of holographic glitter – small and large round and hexagonal glitter. It’s super duper gorgeous!


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