Revlon Minted + Whimsical

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Zoom in to see the labels! 🙂

 Ah, this polish was much coveted by me. I went through desert, over bridges, through the woods (Nah! I’m just kidding, but I really did search high and low for this polish!). I heard that Krogers had stocked up on them, and much to my dismay, there was none to be found. This probably made me even more cuckoo for Whimsical. I always found Minted, but I wanted to wait until I found Whimsical and Popular. (BIG HINT: Whimsical and Popular can be purchased online at; BIG HINT #2: Buy 2 Get 1 FREE ($4.99 each)!. Amazon is too overpriced – they are charging $12.00)

Let’s start with Minted. Minted is a gorgeous mint (Of course!) and it went on streaky. Not only that, but it was quite difficult to put on my nail. So, I decided to do a little experiment. On my thumb, I put only 1 coat of Minted. My pointer, I did 2 coats. The rest of the nails, I did 3 coats. Even though, I covered the pointer with 2 coats, there was still some balding, and if you look closely (Zoom in! Don’t be scared!), there’s a little balding by the cuticle. The three coaters weren’t much better. Even though I waited for each coat to dry – I really did! – They still would drag some of the polish from the other coats and bald, too. But, fortunately, the Seche Vite came to the rescue and smoothed it out. That stuff is really like butter! I totally am loving it, and cannot believe I lived without it for so long!! Anyways, once you struggle to cover your nail with Minted, 3 coats definitely wins! I liked it enough to forget the grief it gave me to apply! Go out and buy it! It’s the Spring’s #1 color!!

Whimsical: First off, the name of the polish reminds me of Popsicle (I swear, I’m not hungry!) and reminds me of sea horses. I blame that on watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I think that’s what it’s called. I turn that on for my 5 month old when he’s in his jumperoo.

Sorry, had to slip that picture in! (Proud Momma) 🙂 Okay, so this polish was definitely awesome. It’s a milky sheer sea green/mint color. It matches perfectly with Minted. There’s pinkish and bluish spherical glitter in the mix and it’s what makes it a MUST HAVE. Applying the glitter was not easy. I don’t usually have so much trouble applying spherical glitter, but this baby had attitude! One coat didn’t even apply ANY glitter and let me tell you – I do shake the bottle and everything! It only applied when I told it to, as in I had to touch the glitter using the brush to where I wanted to place it, and that’s NO BUENO! But, I kept at it, and you can see how it applied in the picture shown below again. Didn’t want you to have to scroll back up to see! 🙂 I know this review is getting heavy with words!

A small comment about both of the Revlon brushes is that they are definitely thin and made it difficult to apply. It doesn’t ALWAYS happen with thin brushes, though, so maybe it’s just these 2 brushes. Regardless, I still *LOVE* these polishes ’til no end. I will do it again even if it was lengthy and frustrating to get the glitter to apply.

Current favorite/want/need: It’s not CURRENT. I love this eyeshadow pallette and have MANY, but this is one of my all-time favorites. It’s called Estee Lauder Pure Color EyeShadow. On the back, there’s the numbers K97. I’m not sure if that’ll help you locate it, if you like what you see. *PAUSE* Nope, I don’t know what those numbers mean and nor could I find it on Amazon. They have one similar, so I guess snag it if you LIKE it! 🙂 They do, however, have names and numbers, so I guess if you wanted to purchase certain colors, you could. Maybe? (I’ll put the names and numbers next to the picture for your convenience!) I have swatched them for you to show you how it appears. I applied it without primer and 2 swipes! 🙂 Enjoy!

10 Ivory Box, 47 Honey Drop, 12 Copper Penny, 44 Camoflauge, 02 Baby Pink, 14 Plum Pop 

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