China Glaze Fast Track


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Fast Track is from the MUCH awaited Hunger Games collection by China Glaze. There are 12 GORGEOUS colors in the collection! I just *LOVE* the ad for the collection.

This is a China Glaze promo ad for their Hunger Games collection!

The costume and makeup is just spectacular, isn’t it? I have NOT read the books, but this just makes me SO interested in getting started. Planning to read them very soon! So, I can’t really tell you, at this moment, what Fast Track has to do with the story, but I hope to tell you all soon! Since Fast Track says: District 6 Transportation afterwards, I am guessing it has to do with how people transport in The Capitol. It must be some sort of futuristic highway (It’s a futuristic story, that’s all I know!) 🙂 Before I get off “fast track” (Ha ha!), I wanted to say that Fast Track is very much the sister of Sephora by OPI’s I Only Shop Vintage. That’s the main reason I snagged this baby. It’s a beautiful nude with gold and a copperish red shimmer.

It definitely was a neutral that surprised me! I expected it to come off completely sheer, but it did its job and became opaque after 3 coats. I FINALLY went out and got Seche Vite base coat and the fast drying top coat, so I used that as my base coat and topped it off with my new Seche Vite and I gotta say that it one awesome top coat. I’ve heard from SO many reviews that it’s glassy, and oh my goodness, it SO is! I love it. (Sally’s Beauty Supply is having them Buy Seche Vite Top Coat Get Seche Vite Base Coat FREE!) Back on the “Fast Track” (pun intended!) – it had a scent to it (and I’m sure my hungry tummy was hallucinating because I smelled either a latte or caramel, and of course, after the 1st coat, I knew it smelled like it should – like nail polish!) and the brush was thin, but I made it work. I had to sweep it 3 times on the first coat and the next and the next to get it on the nail, but it wasn’t too much work – just like most other polishes with thin brushes. Regardless, it was a great neutral and was a little different because of the shimmer. And, I can happily say I no longer NEED “I only Shop Vintage” by Sephora OPI because I have a feeling these are REALLY similar! So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, I would go with this one! 🙂

Current favorite/want/need: I’ll have to go with current favorite. I actually grabbed this along with 2 other Kate Moss Rimmel London lipsticks. (I really need a new lip liner! Please feel free to recommend them!! :))

Lipstick: Kate Moss Collection - Rimmel London 01

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