CG Boundless Color “Blue You” and NYC “Starry Silver Glitter”

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So, yes, this was for my Superbowl mani. And, yes, I know that was weeks ago! But, I had to share this beauty with you all. This is a slight shimmery cobalt blue (CG {Cover Girl} Boundless Color – ~$3.99 – found it at Kroger) layered with this NYC “Starry Silver Glitter” (99 cents at Target) which has small and larger silver and cobalt blue spherical-shaped glitter. CG Boundless’ brush was good. It needed 3 coats to get to bottle color, but the disadvantage of this polish was that it chipped by the next day. Even with the glitter top coat AND an actual top coat. It was pretty while it lasted, though! I had no complaints with the glitter nail polish. It didn’t clump, which was really awesome because that’s usually a HUGE problem with glitters.

Removing glitters: I have heard of many different removal methods for glitters, and I will admit that I have yet to try them. I get a cotton ball and I roll it in between my hands and push it into the nail polish remover (use acetone for glitters and thick polishes) and let the polish soak the cotton ball. Push the soaked cotton ball (after draining it a little so it doesn’t go everywhere) and hold for a few seconds and scrub it off. Should come off semi-easily. 🙂

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