Zoya Kristin


I love this grey powder blue. It’s really classy and reminds me of winter. It’s from Zoya’s 2011 Feel Winter Neutrals Nail Polish Collection.

I got Zoya Kristin from their New Years Promo (Hubby’s choice for me with Zoya Kelly). Kristin was easy to apply, and because of its being 3-free – it smells nicer than most polishes, too. When I received this polish, I was in awe of how beautiful the color was. It appears to be dull in the bottle, but it truly shows up well on the nails. It really DID remind me of crisp air, snow, and EVERYTHING Winter. The brush is terrific as is the formula. It took 3 coats, but you can reach (past) bottle color at 2 coats. Kristin is not streaky at all like I expected, and it’s a MUST-HAVE you should add to your nail polish collection if you don’t have a color like it!

Yesterday, I got the BEST nail polish surprise EVER! My Hubby knew HOW badly I wanted holographic nail polish, so he ordered me Hits Hefesto from www.shop.llarowe.com, which has AMAZING nail polishes – both holographic and novelty! You should check it out if you’re interested in holographic nail polishes! So, of course, since I already had Kristin on my nails, I decided to try it out on Kristin, and it was pretty! What’s awesome about Hits Hefesto is it’s a holographic TOP COAT, so yes, it just puts a holographic effect on whichever nail polish color you are wearing to personalize it, and then, you no longer have to buy different colored holographic nail polishes! 🙂 I was unable to get the effect PERFECTLY on the camera, so bear with me, and one of these days, I will get you a good picture, but for now, this is what I have, so enjoy!!

Current favorite/want/need: Seche Vite Top Coat is a WANT for me. I have SO many different top coats, and it’s almost silly how fast I use them up since I use it as both a base coat and top coat and then some. I use it liberally to make sure my tips do not chip, especially because I *LOVE* to cook and I also have a (ALMOST) 5 month old (will be 5 months on Feb. 29 – Leap Year Day!). I have heard WONDERFUL things about Seche Vite, but I have so many top coats that I haven’t gone out and purchased it yet; therefore, it is a WANT. 🙂




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