Zoya Kelly.


Zoya Kelly is a smoky greyish blue creme. I got this from Zoya’s New Year gift – 2 free colors of your choice (worth $8 each), just pay shipping ($6.95), so of course, I had to do it. Hubby also did it – as a gift to me, and he got me Kelly as one of them. So sweet. He said I didn’t have that color, and of course, he was right!!

This fabulous creme was beautiful from coat 1. I did 3 coats because I wanted it to have the bottle look. It was definitely a wonderful formula and I can tell you that I really like this polish for its almost dramatic look. I used  Julep Fast Dry Top Coat, and I know I haven’t mentioned anything about that top coat in my previous posts, but it’s high time I did.  This Top Coat I received from their promotion (4 polishes for 1 cent. AMAZING! Nail polish fanatic’s dream come true!! You can check it out at www.julep.com – it’s a subscription costing $19.99 per month – I had purchased the intro month for 1 cent. I will definitely post a promo code when I see one.) and it was what it says: FAST-DRYING! There’s a scent to their top coat that reminds me of a skunk, but I let it be because it works wonders, and considering I have a 4 month old (who cries, of course, and requests I pick him up) and this seals my polish quickly and prevents it from smearing! I highly recommend it.

So I took Kelly and added Finger Paints “Flecked” – a flakie nail polish ($5.99 from Sally’s Beauty Supply) from their Special Effects collection. This is a topcoat that has flakes that make any polish pop. Finger Paints “Flecked” is a green to blue flake, so I used it on top of Kelly because it coordinated. When I saw the preview swatches for Finger Paints flakes, I thought it looked a lot like looking into a lake and seeing crystal-like rocks. I usually take any blue, green polish and after a day add this flake to change the look because I have become really addicted to changing my polish every other day, and this prolongs a polish I have on my nails without having to remove it. Here’s Kelly with Finger Paints “Flecked”.

Doesn’t that remind you of looking into a lake with shiny rocks?

Current favorite/want/need: Holographic top coat polish! It’s so awesome to have your nails look like those old school holographic stickers!! NEED this!

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