Zoya Mitzi.

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I’m going to start with a SUBLIME favorite of mine. I recently found out about my favorite store, Ulta, having clearance sales, and you can imagine how happy I was. I’m INTENSELY in love with nail polish and you can say I have a pure passion for colors since I pretty much own every color under the sun + some. About a month or so, I took a picture of my collection, and it looked something like this:

Yeah, and it has GROWN EXPONENTIALLY since then.. Teehee. Regardless, I decided that I have too much passion for this, and I have shared TONS of swatches on my twitter page to let it go to waste. I’m going to take those photos from my twitter page and share my thoughts about the nail polishes. At the very end, I’ll share with you MY CURRENT FAVORITE/WANT/NEED! Hope you stick around and enjoy!

Zoya polishes are Vegan and free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor. This makes them ultra-green for our environment. They look good and are not bad for you!! Zoya Mitzi is from their Mod Matte collection, and as I said, I picked it up for $3.50 from Ulta’s clearance section, and boy, was I proud of myself. This is not the usual color I’d go for, but I thought I’d try it out, and I was honestly pleasantly surprised. Mattes are really tough to work with since they dry fast and leave brush strokes. Mitzi went on balding in the 1st coat, but really became opaque after the next coat. I went with 3 coats to make it perfect, and of course, no top coat, otherwise that would ruin the matte effect, and I truthfully like it matte. I am planning on one day trying a top coat over it, just to see what it would look like. Stay tuned for that! On Valentine’s Day, I was feeling really bold, so I did Mitzi with China Glaze’s Haute Metal (Crackle) over it, and yes, did a top coat (Julep Fast Dry) and I could hardly notice Mitzi anymore enough to say what it would look like alone with a top coat.

Isn’t it gorgeous? Would you try something like this??

And, there you have it, my first swatch (well, blogged, anyway!) Hope you enjoyed and look forward to me posting more of my swatches from my twitter page to review them for you!

My current favorite/want/need: A fuschia nail polish since my OPI “Jewel of India” is over! 🙁 Considering Zoya Roxy!! It’s so foxy! (Sorry for that sad rhyme! :D)

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