10 years ago today…


I was upset over a small thing. I was annoyed that the new car I had gotten EARLY for my 18th birthday was not allowed to transport me yet to school. Instead, I had to ride the ugliest yellow limo. With so much scorn in my heart, I sat down on the worn nasty green vinyl seat with one of my friends. But, little did I know, I would soon completely forget all of that when I saw America in terror. I reached the college advisor in our high school to get ready for filling out college applications (which earlier made me excited because I would be moving out of the house and becoming an independent “adult” but now made me insecure…). There, I saw the TV lighted up with horrible images of dark grey smoke coming out of a chimney-like building. At first, without much notice, I didn’t realize it was the world-famous World Trade Center. My first reaction was that the White House had been hit because of the tracker at the bottom of the page which kept saying that it was in danger, but because of all the anxiety, I didn’t read it properly. Prying us from the television, our college advisor, Ms. Jinx Lacey (RIP) shooed us away and told us to go to our respective classes. My first class was Physics and I do not even remember my memory of going to class except that when I stepped into class, I was glad to see the TV was on because, of course, my curiosity had gotten the best of me, and everyone else, it seemed. We were all watching – eyes glued to the TV – and then, it happened. The most traumatizing vision ever. The TV showed us live a plane flying toward the 2nd building. All of us thought it was a recap of what had already happened, but we were quick to notice that there was already smoke in the image of the TV, so our jaws dropped as we watched the plane fly into the 2nd building. It sent endless chills down our bodies and we were suddenly very afraid of all that was happening. I will NEVER FORGET that moment and it still causes me to choke down tears. So many people lost their lives – either in the tragedy or trying to save a life. My prayers are forever with everyone that was affected. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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