Inspired by Lisa Frank: Hard as Candy Matte-ly in Love + OPI Black Shatter.


When I was younger (even up til late middle school and high school), I collected Lisa Frank stickers. I loved the bright colors with the animal prints. Guess what? It seems to be back in fashion. I luckily have such a BIG collection of nail polishes of all different colors from every spectrum of the rainbow, so I decided to try something different. I also had ordered “Hard as Candy Matte-ly in Love” which takes away the shininess of your nail polish and makes it flat. That’s the best I can describe it. Anyways, OPI’s Black Shatter has definitely been my favorite as of recent, so of course, I had to incorporate it, and then I realized how familiar it looked to my Lisa Frank stickers. If you don’t know what Lisa Frank’s stickers look like… Here’s what they look like:

So, I used the Sally Hansen Twisted Pink, Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def (Bright Green), Sally Hansen HD Three-D (Bright Orange), A Blue that I picked up from Kroger, and a Shiny Purply Lilac I picked up from a Dollar Store in Los Angeles. Then, on top of that, I used “Hard as Candy Matte-ly in Love”. On top of that, I used OPI’s Black Shatter, and then topped it off again with the “Hard as Candy Matte-ly in Love”. Pretty smooth and impressive that I am still able to reach my toes and give myself a pedicure considering how hard it is at ALMOST 9 mths preg. Anyways, it really made me very nostalgic about my pristine collection of Lisa Frank stickers and I figured I could capture them in my everyday life as I am always changing up my nail colors and the OPI Black Shatter allows me to get an animal print without failure. Go Safari! 😀

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