The “Beef” About Nail Art…


Nail art is so fragile. If you have a sheet of stickers with flowers, sometimes the leaves break off. If you have a sheet of butterflies, sometimes a wing breaks off. That’s definitely sad. But, sometimes, you can succeed like this:

I mean, how pretty is that?! It’s like getting it done at a salon without all the “hassle”. I got this nail art sheet from Sally Beauty Supply. I thought it was beautiful because of the white and the teeny tiny rhinestones, but I gaped at the price of $4.95 thinking to myself that was it really worth it? No. Not really. You can grab a sheet or 10 from Ulta, Walmart, Target for a sweet price of $1.45 – $4.95, but the difference is that you don’t just get one sheet, so you can repeat designs or try out different ones for the same price and on different color backgrounds. My only tip with using the nail art sheets is… I wouldn’t use tweezers to remove them because it does not work. I bend the sheet around the sticker I want to use and coax the sticker out gently. Also, make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dry because otherwise you’re just going to keep smudging the polish and that doesn’t look too good with the pretty nail art.

Treat yourself to some good pampering today!!

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