My Parakeet’s Personalities.


Both of my parakeets are darling to me.

We got Daler from a friend who was unable to take care of him any longer, and I think it was a wise decision because seeing how Daler is now versus then… he is definitely a whole different bird – always playing, dancing and singing. πŸ™‚

Mika came on a whim… a gift from God, really! She’s a sweet, sweet little girl, she is! She’s a roly-poly doll. Maybe almost a year old, she has learned to dance from her mentor, Daler. But, since she has such a sweet, chubby little body, she doesn’t hop about as much as he does, but it’s sure precious to watch! Her screams are quite LOUD, but she only does that when she’s cranky, and God knows that can be often – thanks to Daler who is always pecking her cheeks (which I don’t blame him for doing – those cheeks are just as cute as a baby’s cherub cheeks!) and teasing her by pecking her shoulder when she’s scratching her back.

The other thing they differ in is their food tastes. Here’s probably why Mika is the sweet chubby one and Daler is the lean, active one… They have this honey stick that Mika devours within about 48 hours of placing in the cage. It’s always funny to see Daler bother her when she is busy munching away as if to say, “C’mon, Fatty, play with me instead!” because of the way she madly chases him afterwards. Sometimes, I do see them sharing their rings and bell, but half the time, I see Daler stealing it away from sweet Mika. Mika does fight back, and then, Daler goes back to his hopping about.

Something that cracks me up to tears is when I see Mika staring ahead or at my hubby when he’s playing the guitar and Daler is staring at her. The way he stares at her is like watching an old creepy man staring at some young dish at the bar. πŸ˜› Too funny! Their staring contests are stellar, though! Just seeing them stare solidly at each other makes my own eyes water!

Who woulda thunk that birds had such amazing personalities? Love these guys SO much!

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