OPI Black Shatter Review


Uh-mazing! I love it SO much even though I just got it today in the mail. I actually ordered it online and it spent quite a few days in Los Angeles collecting some stardust for me! 🙂

Sally Hansen's Celeb City with OPI's Black Shatter.

1. It creates a fantastical design that’s NEVER the same.
2. You can use it with ANY color underneath, so it’s like ALMOST doubling your collection of nail polishes.
3. It dries instantaneously.
4. If you’re like me and are always ready to experiment with colors, you can choose from different colors of shatter, as well.
5. Looks like a professional manicure and pedicure in seconds. Literally, seconds.

1. You have to do it FAST otherwise it gets clunky. It dries THAT fast.
2. There must be color underneath your nails PLUS a topcoat, so you kind of do have to wait a little bit for your nails to dry, but after that, it’s smooth sailing!
3. The shatter looks funky on your toenails. Well, maybe on the pinky toe. Because it’s just too small. Oh, wells.
4. I’m afraid it will dry out fast just like the Suede Collection of OPI because of it’s instantaneous dry time.
5. There are SO many colors of shatter that it will be hard for me NOT to buy them all. Talk about a CON! 🙁

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