Cupcake Wars.


Reality TV at its best? Well, there’s still a BIT of drama in it, but it is mostly harmless unless someone gets burnt. Like, literally! Hope not! The judges are huge in the pastry/baking world. And, it’s really fun to watch them be completely and brutally honest! πŸ™‚ Food Network and the Cooking Channel are definitely are on my top of the watch list, and other than that, there’s a few guilty pleasures I watch on E! but I think that will change very, very soon, so I am starting to cut down on my TV watching. Other than that, Cupcake Wars inspires me in ways I would never have believed. I tried to make an orange juice poundcake, but I didn’t master it. When I do, I will surely share the recipe! ‘Til then, sorry for the short post. πŸ™‚

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