My OPI obsession!!


Austin-tatious Turquoise on my nails. πŸ™‚

As we have gone through many times before… or, if you’re new to my blog, first off… Welcome! And, yes, I admit to be a hardcore fanatic about nail polishes. I own almost the entire rainbow of colors from OPI and other brands, but it’s still an insatiable desire of mine. Yesterday, the hubby and I went out for some light weekend shopping (mainly for goodies and such… more about that to come in the later days… I promise, I will write a blog about it…). One of the goodies was nail polish from Ulta. All hail Ulta, I love thee.. I hadn’t gone in *gasp* 2 months, but I knew exactly what I wanted because I am a member and I get all the catalogs, coupons, and free gift “warnings” possible. Of course, I am also a fan of OPI on Facebook and I always see the upcoming collections, and of course, I drool over them and covet them all. But, it’s nearly impossible! But, I still do try, thank you very much! Anyways, on to the good part. I re-discovered three colors (and right now, I’m on a dark color kick)… There was an espresso that hubby chose after I picked 3 dark browns. Then, he helped me pick out a beautiful gray that is from the Texas collection, surprisingly enough. And, then, of course, my FAVORITE color teal. I’ve been after this color for years, but I finally built the courage to take it under my collection, and cute enough, it’s also called Austin-tatious Turquoise and lo and behold… I’m from Austin, Texas, ya’ll! πŸ™‚ But, anyways, it’s not like I bought nail polish after months that I’m sitting here and writing a blog about it! I just felt the need to get out there that I’m a polishaholic. And, if you are, too, GOOD TO MEET YOU! πŸ˜€

Biggest tip of the day for nails: ALWAYS use a base coat AND a top coat for longer lasting nail polish!

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