Wisdom Teeth Extraction.



Today marks 1 year since my 4 wisdom teeth were pulled out. I am thankful that I did in fact get them pulled because it has made quite the difference in my everyday living. I used to get frequent headaches, terrible, tender jaw pain, and just unenjoyable issues in my mouth thanks to those 4 teeth. When my dentist told me that it would be a smart idea to get them pulled out because they were “pretty darn impacted”, I mutely argued, “What do you know?!” Sure, he’s studied teeth and dentistry, but still, what does he really know?! I mean, does he have to get his pulled out?! I didn’t think so. Does he understand the recovery period?? Ugh. Does he also know how burdened I will be to eat mushy foods and ice creams for a few days?! Oh, that’s a plus, lemme tell you. NOT. I still remember the day I had to go in. I squeezed Puneet’s hand and was terrified. I had never been in for a so-called surgery and certainly had never been put “under”. The nurse finally called my name and I meekly looked at Puneet who edged me to go and follow the nurse and just “get it over with” and so I did. First, she gave me some nitrous oxide and then, she gave me an IV, which was barely just a pinch. I started to get sleepy right away, and I asked her if this was it? And, she kind of laughed and said no, that was coming in a minute. So, I sat there waiting, and 3 people arrived including the surgeon. What I hated most about the extraction was that they labeled it as surgery. Sure, they are removing something, but please, don’t scare anybody! He asked me if I was ready, and of course, I said, “No! Can I change my mind?” and of course, he answered by putting me under. Next thing I know I was waking up outside of the “surgery room” and had a bunch of gauze in my mouth. Gag. I couldn’t feel my face, which was definitely a plus. And, also, I couldn’t see how I looked, which was also a plus plus! When I got home, I barely could talk, as well. But, I immediately asked for a Wendy’s Frosty and popped a pill when I was ready, and I continued following directions, and I can say honestly that I barely felt the pain. It was pretty nice. The worst part of recovery was the inability to properly brush your teeth; therefore, causing all the yummy mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, ice creams to taste awful. More so, making me nauseous. But, I am so glad it’s over and that I am officially healed. 🙂

I have a picture of me with the bloody gauze in my mouth, but I think I’ll skip putting that here. 🙂

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