Price is Right.



Yes, admitting this guilty pleasure with guilt. I remember when I was just barely a tot, my Mom would watch it here and there, and of course, that is when it was hosted by the legendary Bobbbbbbb Baaaaaaaaaarker. I would always be in awe after many, many years when I saw the show again, and he was STILL hosting looking the same as ever! Now, Drew Carey (a slender Drew Carey, may I add?) hosts the show, and although it’s not the same as Bobbbbbbbb Baaaaaaaarker (have to say it like that, sorry!), I still enjoy watching it AND “Let’s Make a Deal” with Wayne Brady. It’s been my secret (not-so-secret, anymore) desire to go on a gameshow, but I feel like it’s easier to watch it and shout at the TV with bids and “winning” and then grumbling when the tv person doesn’t listen to your advice (I mean, you were shouting loud enough for them to hear you all the way in their studio, right???) Oh, and my favorite part is the showcases. Anyways, I feel like the show makes me a good person because I feel so happy when the person wins. Smiles abound. I think it pays to be happy for others. Enough of this mush, I’m signing out! Take care, everyone and have a Happy July!!

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