Steering Wheel Covers.


Before I begin, I must say that I really apologize for not writing for a long time. Hello? Anyone even listening? I’m sorry!

Anyways, for the past few months, I’ve been coming up with ideas and conveniently forgetting them or leaving them behind where they started… in my brain, of course. So, last night, on a trip to the grocery store (Everybody oooh and aaah here!), which I do undoubtedly love oh-so-much… I really do love going to the grocery store. I’m a true marketer. I love seeing all the new products and… taste-testing or sampling them! But my main thing is to stay away from the crackers and cookies aisle because God-help-me, I will be tempted to grab a box of Nutty Buddies or even a pack of Double-Stuf Oreos if you’re not looking, so I just stay out of that aisle and never feel the twinge! It’s fantastic how well I’ve been doing – I haven’t been tempted by ANYTHING except my homemade banana and peanut butter milkshakes, and can I say – I don’t even add sugar or ice cream, so it’s practically organic and healthy. Sorry, I got side-tracked because my parakeet Daler who barely takes a bath is taking one right now because he’s so mesmerized by Mika taking baths (she’s a girl, that’s why she takes them willingly) and now he’s like WHY DID I DO THAT?! Such a boy. Anyways. Back to my original story!

When I was in high school, I got my first car. Then, it became like my 2nd room. Seriously. Ask my Mom! So, I began wanting to customize it to my heart’s content. Every trip to Wal-mart, Target, etc, became a desperate search for the PERFECT steering wheel cover, but alas, (and thankfully) I never found THE one. So, as it was destined… I really didn’t need one. And, I only saw the ones that I would never be caught with. And, I am pretty thankful I didn’t spend the unnecessary $20 – 40 on something like that. At Kroger yesterday, I saw a teenager’s (and God, I HOPE it was a teenager’s) car decked out with a matching steering wheel cover, matching seat cover and of course, the matching rear-view mirror distraction. I sighed in relief that I had passed that phase in life and no longer had the desire to accessorize my car to look like something out of a cartoon. 🙂

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