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March 15, 2011. The day after mine and hubby’s anniversary, a sweet little baby parakeet came into our lives. It had just rained and it was very, very cold outside. (Okay, not VERY cold, but a chilled 45 degrees out and the leaves were still barely making their 2011 debut). My Mom was here visiting and was making me breakfast (Yes, I am blessed! I was about 3 mths preggo) and our trees were still bare and I saw a fat, little “lime” in the tree. I did a double take, and then suddenly (within 2 seconds) I realized that this lime was a baby parakeet. Of course, it goes without saying, I was more than worried about the approx. 6 month old baby’s health and well-being outside thanks to the congregation in a very tall tree about 500 feet away that provides a cozy meeting place for birds of hawks/falcons-nature. Anyway, I was ready to take the lost soul in.

My sweet little key lime! ๐Ÿ™‚

My jaw literally dropped because my hubby and I had talked about it a few weeks prior about getting Daler a companion but decided against it thinking about the added noise pollution. But, it was as if God had other plans and sent this baby parakeet straight to my backyard tree in search of food.ย As soon as I saw her, I was literally having visions of her and Daler playing and sharing their toys and food. It was a beautiful vision.

Spoiler alert: They are definitely playing and sharing like I had imagined, and they are also fighting about the same amount. They are both so cute.

I took out Daler’s old cage and placed his favorite food, millet, into it and around it on our patio table hoping she would come. I even enticed her by telling her that there was a parakeet inside happily prancing about in his mansion-cage. I don’t know what it was, but she actually came (probably spying the food past my shoulder).

Long story short, she was smarter than us about it and grabbed food from everywhere but inside the cage until we scooped it all up and placed it in the cage, and 6 1/2 hours later (Yes, we did wait that long for her and she is sooo worth it!)

She also had disappeared for an 1 hour and half in between that time in which I was very stressed that I’d never see her fluffy self again… but she came back for dinner seating herself!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

and 6 1/2 hours later, she came into the cage, and we were thrilled.

Mikki’s first picture in her temporary house.

As soon as Daler saw her, he was also very happy to see one of his own kind. We waited about 30 – 45 days until we placed them together but Daler proved to be extremely territorial. So, we attempted to move one of them out of the mansion-cage with the enticing piece of millet; however, Daler was the one who fell for it and moved into his old cage (by accident) and had to live there for 10 days until we moved them together again.

Thrilled, they both didn’t fight as much as the first trial-run together, so we decided it was a permanent change, and thankfully, too, because now we only have to feed them in one cage, water them in one cage, consolidate all the toys, and just watch them play together. It also relieves us from entertaining them separately, and they are now the best of pals. ๐Ÿ™‚


Sharing a Smooch.

First time Mika (left) and Daler (right) were put together. Didn’t go so well. Look at Daler’s territorial face.

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