Two years ago today, I stopped substituting elementary school because I wanted the last 2 weeks until my wedding to be calm and care-free. I had exactly 2 weeks since the wedding was on March 14, and I was unbelievably anxious. Not only was I getting married, but I was also moving the very next day with my husband to his home – making it ours. Luckily, I had made moves before, so that really hadn’t crept into my head as much as the much more life-changing event of marriage. So, anyways, my family and I did a lot of wedding planning, and I can say proudly that it was definitely the wedding of my dreams. Simple and sweet yet memorable! 🙂

The picture is funny because my husband would tease before the marriage that “Oh, what’s special about this month? March Madness!!”

Also, my husband and I’s first date after marriage was on St. Patrick’s Day across the street. 🙂

Definitely an eventful month! 🙂

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