Last night, around 3:20 A.M. Yes, I do remember the time because I woke up to the sound of heavy rain beating on our windows in the bedroom, and our wall is made up of windows, so it’s very hard to miss. It sounded like hail, so I was startled and the wind was also howling pretty loudly. So, before I fell back asleep, I had made up my mind to write about thunderstorms today as my entry. As you may know, my entries are supposed to be based on childhood. I have strayed and written about recipes, but hey, they are derived from my childhood because they are things I grew up eating. Regardless, I’ve always loved thunderstorms, but I still have trouble going to sleep because of the noise, which is odd because I used to go to sleep to Hindi music, and that can be funky or slow. Now, I don’t like noise when I go to sleep. I attribute that to getting older. Anyways, the craziest thunderstorm I remember was an almost-tornado when we were living in Owatonna, Minnesota around the time I was in 3rd grade. We saw the sky turn green and we sat in the basement staring at the window that overlooked the green sky and the swirling leaves and debris. That was definitely a frightening moment, but we were lucky to get out of it without any physical damage to the house. Nature is definitely amazing.

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