Wow, how is it the 2nd month of the year already!? Happy February all. February reminds me of all the fun projects we had to do – Valentine’s Day mailboxes, Valentine’s Day cards shopping, Candy Hearts shopping, giving it to our friends and our “friends” and all the reds and pinks you can imagine. As a girl, I think I enjoy Valentine’s Day solely for the reason that it celebrates us. I mean, sure, it’s been commercialized and all, but hey, I think it’s a good excuse for guys to say what’s on their mind. Valentine’s Day is also the day Hubby and I had our Roka – Engagement Ceremony and a romantic Valentine’s date afterwards at a Thai (our favorite cuisine then; we like EVERYTHING now) restaurant. Will talk and share pictures on Valentine’s Day. Make a blog entry all about it. Just thought I’d say Happy February. Looking forward to what this month brings. 🙂

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