Millionaire Matchmaker.


I’m on a new kick. I find this Bravo show so fresh, so intelligent, and so stupid, ALL at the same time. Fresh because it’s pretty cool to find all these people get love and then also get an update at the end of the show on what happened on the dates they don’t show on TV. So intelligent because they actually do a fabulous job of picking people for the millionaire/millionairess to date. So stupid because some of these rich people are so stupid that I don’t know HOW they earned all that money. I mean, I thought you had to be smart, but that’s not entirely true, I guess. Some of these people don’t have the sense, knowledge or even the street smarts to have all that money, so in that case, I say: Please, share! 🙂 All jokes aside, I really feel warm and fuzzy when I see two deserving people find each other and “TRULY” like each other – according to the credit updates. So, that’s all I have for today. My hope that everyone find their one and only. Also, Patti Stanger is a better matchmaker than ANYONE I know, so if you got the money, shell it out and hire her! 🙂 She doesn’t take any crap and says it like it is. I love the rules she has for her daters and just think she is a class act even though I’m intimidated by her! Thank God for reality TV and I love and flaunt my guilty pleasure. 🙂

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