Memories of Driver’s Ed.


My first car (for my 18th birthday present)

So, when I stop to think about the time I took Driver’s Ed, I realize it’s been 12 years. Am I really that old now? Wowsers. So, just so you can do the math, I was 15 years old when I started Driver’s Ed because I was just about the turn 16. I remember the god-awful-boring classes at 7ish P.M. few days of week because I dreaded watching those movies that they shot really badly. Not only that, we were asked to speed really fast in the parking lot and when the teacher said STOP! Well, we had to stop! Talk about scary testing! Luckily, that was only for a day or two, and after my turn, my hair has been defying gravity. Of course, that’s an exaggeration. So, we started driving through random neighborhoods and then started driving in Houston’s traffic, which was really nervewrecking for the new driver. But, I did it, and sometimes, I just wonder: Wow! Was it really that long ago? It feels like yesterday! In college, my long-distance driving sort of developed because I would take my car back and forth from Austin to San Antonio and back, and I would always feel so in control. It’s a great feeling! The only reason I thought to write about this was because of the HUGE sheet of ice that’s been blocking our driveway (and we don’t have the tools or salt to rid of it) and we’ve been home for days, and I realized that getting out and about is SO SO SO important!!

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