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Daler: All this for me? You shouldn't have!

Well, this entry is definitely not JUST about bread. It’s about the people and animals who LOVE bread. You could say it’s an ode of some sort. As I was having my toast this morning, Daler Singh Taneja, a.k.a. my little sweetheart, started running around facing me as I took my first bite. Of course, since I know my sweet little parakeet, I knew he was asking me for a bite, also. I’m not one for sharing my food, but when it’s my sweetheart, I will, without any doubt! So, of course, I instantaneously broke off a piece of the crust and immediately started feeding him. He’s a spoiled baby and requires eating yummy things out of my hand. It’s quite cute, actually! Ever since I’ve put his millet in a millet holder, he’s been a little cranky, but he’ll get over it. The reason I had to do that is because he will only eat millet if he gets the chance, and it’s like eating donuts for every meal for a bird. I, of course, lost track talking about my cutie, but as I was saying: Bread.

So, I remember going to the lake full of little duckies and their mommies and daddies and feeding them bread. I also remember when a swan charged toward me, and I was no longer amazed by a swan’s grace. I haven’t seen Black Swan, but I’m guessing it’s about a swan who is trying to get the last crumb! Ha ha. Couldn’t help myself. 🙂

The hubs and I were talking about why birds and bread go together claw in claw, and we realized that they are familiar to the taste and smell of whole grains. Millet actually is a great fiber that we Indians put in our rotis for added health. So, it’s a wonder why Daler actually would take any given chance to request bread crumbs when he can’t reach the millet. Ah ha! What a clever parakeet he is! And, it’s not like he can’t reach the millet. He has to climb onto the millet perch and search (the whole point of the millet holder is for him to search for the priceless millet like he would in the wild, so I promise, I’m not torturing him!), which he will need getting used to. Until then, I don’t mind hand-feeding my sweetheart bread. 🙂

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