Sitting at the Bar.


^ Yes, I know that’s not the bar at Waffle House nor is it mine. But, thought it would show what I’m talking about. 🙂 

Having breakfast at Waffle House this morning, I realized something silly. Kids LOVE sitting at the bar. I remember when we used to go to places like Denny’s for breakfast when I was younger, I would HOPE for sitting at the bar. But, what I was wondering was: Why? What’s the kick there? I thought about it while eating my blueberry waffles and oh-so-good hash browns, and I think I found the answer. Kids love anything they think adults do most. So, when they see all those people having coffee at the bar (or so they are told by their parents at Italian restaurants), they think that’s the way to be. I do, however, remember asking my parents if we could sit at the bar, and they would always market the booths, and I’d usually let it be at that. Today, I saw a little girl with her Mommy and she was THRILLED to bits for sitting at the bar like a Big Girl. 🙂 It just made me think about how much children yearn to be adults so quickly.

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