Previous Work Experience.


And, the age-old resume and interview question. Well, here goes nothing:

Once upon a time, long before I finished high school, I started my first job ever at the tender age of 16. Not only was I never interviewed for my job, I also got to work with my Mom. Although that may not sound wonderful, it really was. The job was working at a nursery at a near-by church. All the sweet, sweet babies made me excited to wake up at 5 am for work. The other perk was that I only had to watch the babies until service was over on Saturdays – making the job hours very, very short at 2 hours a week. Sure, that only gave me pocket money for the occasional splurge on fast food. πŸ™‚ But, all in all, I think that I learned a lot about raising children and also took classes that would come in handy in the future – such as the seminar on shaking children – which is a no, obviously and CPR.

My next job was a desperate plea. I walked around a strip mall near our local mall, and applied at EVERY store – wincing at the thought of working at Petsmart – only because of the creepy crawly creatures that some people call pets – *Shivers*. My last stop was Marble Slab Creamery – and as luck would have it – I found my job in the last place I looked! All it took was my application, a yes, and I got the go ahead to start the job right after a conversational interview. I was thrilled because that meant I could stop searching for a job!

The next job was the same place but in a different city – Marble Slab Creamery. I was desperate to have a job throughout college, so of course, it came in handy that I didn’t even need an interview – once again. I just shared my past experience at another Marble Slab Creamery – and ta-da! I had a job.

After a grueling run at the previous, I started to get irritated with the food business. I wanted to do something else – no matter WHAT it was, so I was referred by some people to work at Sprint – owned by their family friends – and once again – got lucky and got the job without an interview. Is there some sort of luck involved or is this just a coincidence? I, unfortunately, had to move back home so had to quit the job after 1 month, and honestly, I loved that job the most.

Then, I got to do substitute teaching with my Mom. That was an experience all on its own because I had to carry out the lesson plans that teachers gave me, and I learned that teaching is not easy as apple pie. You really have to work for it, and you also have to discipline – that was the toughest lesson of all – and I was impressed by all my previous teachers and colleagues for doing their job! Kudos to all teachers!!

Regardless of what I am up to now; I must say that I have grown to be who I am from the variety of things taught to me by my experiences! πŸ™‚

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