Resolutions Smesolutions!


On January 1, WordPress said to vow that you would write everyday, but sometimes, and I apologize, I cannot think of a single thing to say! Resolutions – I don’t believe in because these things are meant to be broken! I say why wait til January 1st to do something great? Why can’t you do something anytime of the year and stick to it? Yes, you CAN! There have been so many times when I’ve routinely worked out on my elliptical and it wasn’t because it was January 1st. So, there we are. So, I just don’t have any resolutions to share with you, and I hope that’s okay! I do, however, want to be MORE positive and Google less. Hold it, not Google-less, just Google a little less! 😉 I love to research, and sometimes, too much knowledge can be a burden, but I love to learn! 🙂 So, that’s all I have for you.

Have a very Happy New Year 2011 everybody! 🙂

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