Christmas Eve.


My little brother's first Christmas. He sampled all the wrapping paper and his new toys! 🙂

You won't believe what was in that package? A porcelain doll! See entry on porcelain doll for details! 😉

A "tropical" Christmas in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


Honestly, every Christmas Eve evening, my ears stand to the sounds outside. I always imagine the reindeer’s hooves and footsteps of a hefty man (creepy, however) and imagine that Santa Claus is visiting our home. It’s just fun to believe in him regardless. Every Christmas Eve, we would manage to trick our parents into letting us open the gifts early since they would be lying under the Christmas tree calling out to us by name. My brother had and still has the (bad) habit of shaking and listening for what his present could be. One year, I bought him a digital camera, and I was terrified of him shaking the box, so I just told him there was glass in it, and made his mind sit there and ponder what could be in there. If you know my brother, he’s a HUGE car fanatic, see here for Ashwin’s website. He thought that since there was glass in there that it could be a pretty unbelievable model of a car, but little did he know, I would help his site come into existence. Anyhow, our tradition for Christmas is that we put our tree and lights up on Thanksgiving day so that we can enjoy the tree, lights, and the holiday spirit for longer. Sometimes, if we are home for Diwali we might end up putting up the lights earlier than Thanksgiving. As I have said before, I really look forward to Christmas and getting Christmas spirit because there’s something about the festive air – the baking (of course!), the cooking (definitely!) and the lovely Christmas music (my current ringtone is the Sugar Plum Fairy – my favorite tune of the Holidays) and just all the mingling friends and family do with each other! Gifts are a little bonus! 😉 Speaking of gifts, I really wanted Daler to have a little mansion of his own because the little guy LOVES to dance, and he barely had any space, so I decided that this could be his and my shared present. 🙂 I’m thrilled to bits with it because my sweet little man is always here and there dancing his little bitty heart out, and he just melts mine. 🙂 Nothing like making someone happy, is there?

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