Know about Snow.


Snow in our neighborhood early 2010. :0)


Snow. No, it’s not snowing here currently, and honestly, I am praying that it save itself only for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My blog, however, will be snowing until January 4th, so I hope you all enjoy it because I surely will. I’m not here to give you a meteorological lesson here, so don’t you worry. I, myself, don’t really want to bore you with that. I, however, remember that in my childhood what a pain snow really was. We had to wear 2 – 3 pants (leggings, pants, and snow pants for recess), a full-sleeve shirt, a sweater, PLUS a jacket. My poor jacket never really stayed well because it would end up getting trampled by my classmates and their muddy/snowy boots. Not only that, there were accessories: gloves, mittens, hat. Sometimes, my Mom would pack us a few extra accessories just in case the previous got lost. That was not all, folks, then we had to pack tennis shoes for school hours and gym class and boots for otherwise. Packing for snow days/winter days was not always light, as you can see. And, what recess? When you were bundled down to that degree, playing tag or ANYTHING was nearly impossible! All you really could do was get down and dirty in the snow that was practically gray. Not fun! Trust me. Now, snow is just a blanket of heaven on this green Earth, and I just appreciate being in a climate that doesn’t have as much snow as in Minnesota.

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