Pecan-Apple Crisp.


Apple pie is THE all-American dessert, and when it bakes, Oh! How it smells so divine!!!!

I wish you could smell how divine it smells!! Apple pie is usually made with a crust (which is delicious, but not as healthy) and lots of added sugar and butter. While I was watching Biggest Loser one day, which is definitely one of our favorite shows, although we are not following it as religiously as we did last year. There are so many episodes backed up right now, but who has time to start from the beginning? Anyhow, one of the episodes, “Where are they now?” I took the time to watch, and in it, I found a recipe I was dying to try. The recipe was made by one of the well-known chefs (and I think Biggest Loser’s “featured chef”) Curtis Stone. I finally googled the recipe and found it *here*. It’s a winner!! Apple pies remind me of our winter desserts. We used to buy ready-made pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies and take turns baking them in the oven and enjoying them on cold evenings. It’s such a cherished memory of mine to imagine the comfort it gave me on those dreary, icy winter nights. I felt a little triumphant to see a healthier alternative to apple pie in this crisp and it made me smile from the inside out!

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