Starbucks. It really helped me throughout college – in staying awake and just being social in between classes. The last year or so of college, they opened a Starbucks on campus, and I briefly, and I mean, VERY briefly thought about taking more classes. Ha, not really. Starbucks is on every corner. When we went to India, I was excited to see Barista and Cafe Coffee Day because they have much more variety than Starbucks, and not only that, but they have cakes that are just amazing. So, I can safely say that coffee is wonderful around the world.

There was a Starbucks in San Antonio, near my college, that we used to hang out at. It was part of a Barnes and Nobles, but the seating was outside. San Antonio weather is mostly really nice, and even if it was really cold, it would be washed away with the warmness of coffee. And, if it was hot, it would be overlapped by the freshness of a frappuccino. My most favorite drink from Starbucks, which I’ve never seen again was the Brownie Frappuccino, which they used a slice of brownie and blended it with the drink. It was quite amazing, but it’s alright that they don’t have it anymore because that never has to catch my eye when I order a Latte. Last year, I tried their Banana Chocolate smoothie, and it became one of my all-time favorite drinks. Not only was it healthy, but it was really delicious!! Now, I just stick to a Cappuccino, an Espresso, or a Latte, or my favorite during the summer: a Tazo Passionfruit shaken iced tea.

I just have to say thanks to Starbucks for helping me stay awake during the most boring classes! 🙂

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