The Concept of Jet Lag.


And, thus, apologies for no posts after Diwali. I was busy enjoying the rest of my vacation.

Now, we’re back, and I’m obviously jet-lagged because I’m sitting here at 5 a.m. writing a post. It’s amazing how travel can physically drain your body. I have realized that on flights I do not consume enough water and I eat more than I really need to because they feed you approximately 6 meals for the day – and not light ones, at that.

I do remember when I was younger that I had traveled to Mumbai with my Mom and I practically slept off the entire week’s vacation there. By the time the jet lag was over, we left Mumbai to go to my grandparents’ house. It happens, though.

I had heard tips for fighting jet lag, and I’d like to share *them* with anyone who’s interested.

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