Happy Diwali!!

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Today is the BIGGEST Hindu holiday! If you saw the buzz and hubbub in India, you’d be amazed! There are stalls in front of all the stores. Sweets are being swooped every few seconds – maybe, even every 1 second!

On this day, we welcome Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, to our homes by lighting diyas and turning on lights and adding ornaments to our home.  Diwali also celebrates Lord Ram’s return from a 14-year exile along with his wife, Sita and brother, Lakshman after his victory over the demon Ravan. On Diwali, lights are also lighted to pave his path back home.

People also artistically add powder onto the ground and create beautiful rangolis in honor of Diwali.

When we were young, we had the luxury to celebrate with all our family – my dad’s entire family – but as we grew older, it grew tougher to bring us together because of school and extracurricular activities, but we did our very best to celebrate together. We would also savor a feast of all the best foods after the Laxmi Mata Pooja where we would pray together by singing for Laxmi Ma by way of “Om Jai Jagdish” – a very popular bhajan/prayer. It is definitely a cherished holiday in my heart because the day before (Diwali’s date is based on the moon, so the date is not same every year) I met my husband was also Diwali, and I truly believe that if you wish for something with a pure heart, you will truly receive it. This year, I will be celebrating with my husband’s immediate family. It’s very exciting to see Diwali in an entire different light – with all the extra hubbub, traffic, and excitement.

I wish everyone a prosperous and joyous Diwali!!!!

Jai Laxmi Mata!

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