A Halloween Story.


Once, our teacher told us one of the creepiest stories. It still comes across my mind once in awhile. How true it is, you decide. I’m going to embellish the story in my own words because the story was told in one or two lines, but since I want everyone to enjoy a creepy story, I’ll use more than that.

Once there was a couple who lost a member of their family. They lived in a huge house on the main road. On their walls were more than plenty of family portraits in heavy iron-cast frames. Each frame and photo was really too heavy to move, so they did not really do any redecorating by taking down photos or adding new ones. The couple decided to go out one night for dinner, and when they returned, all the photo frames had been turned around showing the raw area where the picture had been inserted. The couple gasped, as anyone would, but they thought it must be a practical joke. They went downstairs, and they suddenly heard a rush of ruckus. They ran upstairs, and the pictures were back in their original forms. This time, the couple was terrified. Day in and day out, the same incident occurred, and one day, only one picture remained unturned, and they realized it was the family member they had lost. They figured that the person was trying to reach out to them from beyond, and they made it a point to always remember the person.

Anyhow, I’m not one for scary stories. I used to read the series “Goosebumps” for… the goosebumps, and ever since, I cannot digest a scary movie or story, but this one was a unique one, so thought I’d share.

Hope everyone enjoys their All Hallow’s Eve! 🙂 MuhahaHA.

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