Porcelain Dolls.


During my childhood, my room had about 20 porcelain dolls “adorning” my window sill. Although, it creeped me out, I kind of did enjoy them in the daylight. I always had trouble sleeping with them so nearby, but they were pretty. As soon as I could, I told my Mom that I wanted them out because I wasn’t getting the proper sleep with them always there in front of me when I woke up for a glass of water in the middle of the night, and that sometimes, I didn’t even go to the restroom when I needed to because I was so afraid to get out of bed. Obviously, you can figure that I never saw the “Chuckie” movies. I was in middle school until they were removed, and it was sometimes so embarrassing for me to invite a friend over.


One time, my Mom found a French porcelain doll at an antiques store, and she thought I’d be more than thrilled about it, so she picked it up for me. When I saw the slightly blue face, my face got slightly blue with fear. I was, like, are you serious, Mom? THIS is an antique? Obviously. That doll had a mind of its own, I swear. And, in the spirit of Halloween… this story fits right in! In the middle of the night, the doll would lose her balance and either fall on her face or on her back. I would slowly go to pick her up (and yes, sometimes, this woke me up – but when did I ever sleep with these dolls around?!) and sometimes just leave her with her face up. All I know, I would try  my best not to have items like this if I can help it!

Have a Happy Halloween (Tomorrow)!


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